Incentives & Grants


The Canadian government offers a rebate program, the ecoENERGY Renewable Initiative, where participating commercial buildings can receive a rebate of up to 25% (up to 40% in remote communities) of the development, purchase, and installation costs for a qualifying solar air or water heating system, to a maximum contribution of $80,000, to a corporate maximum of $250,000.

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EnerGuide for Houses retrofit program for homeowners program provides funding based on the level of energy improvement (as a percent above a base level) of the home. Funding is in the range of $50 – $100 for most solar installations.

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Energy Retrofit Assistance Program, The Energy Innovators Initiative, through the Office of Energy Efficiency provides incentives for renewable energy technologies for commercial buildings.

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Through the Commercial Building Incentive Program (CBIP), Natural Resources Canada offers financial incentives for new commercial and institutional buildings that incorporate energy efficiency features. By encouraging energy-efficient design, this program aims to bring about lasting changes in construction practices.

A building owner whose design meets CBIP requirements can receive up to $60,000. Program requirements are based on the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB) and the CBIP Technical Guide. To be eligible, the design must demonstrate that the building will use at least 25 percent less energy than required by the MNECB.

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BRITISH COLUMBIA: Provincial Sales Tax Exemption (December 2005)

Solar electric and solar thermal systems are exempt from Provincial sales tax when sold as a system.

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BRITISH COLUMBIA: BCSEA 100,000 Solar Roofs Initiative

SolarBC is 100 percent committed to identifying and overcoming barriers to having solar hot water installed and as a result there are up to $1,625 incentives available towards the costs of installing solar hot water systems in residential homes. SolarBC contractors will provide you with a $1,000 discount at the point of sale and a further $625 are available from the Federal ecoEnergy Retrofit and the LiveSmart BC programs, upon completion of your second energy assessment. The remaining cost of the installation will be due for payment to your registered contractor on completion of the work.

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ONTARIO: New Internal Energy Generation Program for Small Businesses in Northern Ontario (April 2005)

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund has recently announced a support program for on-site energy generation for small businesses in Northern Ontario as part of their Small Business Energy Conservation Program. The program runs through to December 31, 2007. The program covers a wide variety of applications including PV for northern tourist camps, solar hot water for restaurants, solar air heating for small manufacturing plants and solar pool heating for hotels.

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ONTARIO: PST Rebate (December 2003)

There is a Provincial Sales Tax Rebate on all solar equipment sold in Ontario.

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PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: Alternative Heating Loan Program (January 2006)

PEI offers a loan program incentive for homeowners to install solar air and water heating systems. Loans of a maximum $5,000 per household are available at a rate of 6% annually. Products must comply with CSA Standards.

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PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND: Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Exemption (January 2006)

Solar thermal and solar photovoltaic systems are exempt from PST in PEI.

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ONTARIO: Solar Water Heating Grant Program in Waterloo Region (Aug 2005)

The Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP) of Waterloo Region (a project of the University of Waterloo) has partnered with Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc. (CNDHI) to deliver a 2 year grant program for solar water heater installations. CNDHI customers with electric water heaters who install a solar domestic water heating system are eligible for a grant of up to $1500, with 8 grants being offered per year. This program is part of CNDHI’s conservation and demand side management program known as EarthWise, which aims to develop a local culture of conservation.

Interested consumers can contact REEP at 519-744-9799 for more details regarding the solar water heating system grant. This is a great example of what utilities interested in conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions can do to support solar.


Residents of British Columbia can take advantage of the Homeworks Financing program when purchasing a solar heating system. This is a low-rate loan available to homeowners who invest in energy-saving retrofits and renovations. With flexible payment options and up to a ten-year amortization, Homeworks offers a convenient way to pay for renewable energy. Homeworks is owned by Terasen Inc. with financial services provided by the Citizen’s Bank of Canada.

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